We’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign offering $100 off the price of the Collector’s Edition, for a limited time (end of December) and number of copies (only 100 being made available) in the event we hit our funding goal.

Each premium-quality Collector’s Edition is numbered and personally signed by us, and comes in a cool archival clam-shell case. We’ll even write a note of your choosing in the book. It’s a good chance to take advantage and save some moolah while you can.

You’ve probably received these types of crowd-funding messages in the past so I’ll keep our action request brief, simple and easy: HELP US TELL THE WORLD ABOUT THIS SCREAMING DEAL!


PS: We just got in our hands an advance copy of the book—it’s everything we wanted it to be, so we’re super stoked. More pictures to come soon!

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