Search for the Perfect Wave Vol. 1 Standard Edition

Volume One: California, Baja, Mexico, & Central America



Over 200 pages packed with never-before-seen photos along with the classics, plus new stories, personal notes and details covering Naughton-Peterson’s surf-travel-misadventures.

This is their story, personally curated and told in their own words and pictures, of a decade in search of the perfect wave.

“A pinned-throttle globe trot with surfing’s favorite explorers, ‘Search for the Perfect Wave’ is a surf library must-have.”
— Scott Hulet, Editor, The Surfer’s Journal

“Naughton and Peterson have compiled their original SURFER Magazine articles—along with many more anecdotes and photos—in the first volume of ‘Search for the Perfect Wave’, a gorgeous book that shows life in and out of the water for the two happy-go-lucky misadventurers and their ne’er-do-well buddies.”
— Keith Plocek, KCET

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Volume One: EXCERPT

Foreword by Neil Stebbins

“Most of us thought Craig and Kevin were nuts to go looking for hardship in the 70s and 80s. Why risk malaria and the whims of petty dictators when you could still get a wave at Rincon? Hollywood by the Sea was peaceful. Trestles was still fun.

But the two friends heard something calling, felt some pull and, fortunately for the rest of us, they told great stories when they came home. Liberia, the Ivory Coast, the Canaries, Venezuela, Ireland—for chrissakes—and Morocco in a desert schooner with a wild man from Brazil. There was Ghana and Fiji before Craig became captain of an oil rig supply ship on the Congo. There was El Salvador, Barbados, France and Spain before Kevin enrolled in Trinity College in Dublin.

In all the years, through all the great times and countless virgin waves, they never changed. They never sought fame. They never lost their humor or their humanity.”

Volume One: FEATURES


Never-Before-Seen Photos

Over 200 new photos by Craig Peterson


New Writing

New writing by Kevin Naughton, author of Trout Rising


Travel Maps

View the actual maps used on many of the trips


From the Archives

Personal notes, letters and more


Surfer Tales

Tales from the SURFER Magazine travel articles and other press


True Stories

True stories behind the classic travel photos

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