“Most of us thought Craig and Kevin were nuts to go looking for hardship in the 70s and 80s. Why risk malaria and the whims of petty dictators when you could still get a wave at Rincon? Hollywood by the Sea was peaceful. Trestles was still fun.”

2 thoughts on “Neil Stebbins

  1. Well, they got me off my ass to split from Texas and go El Salvador in 1976 (and meet Bob Levy and others) — and then come back a year later to witness the whole Big Wednesday spectacle. Not too bad, as things go.

    And, Neil, your SNRB from Mike Eaton (written about by you in some odd surfer style magazine from the mid-1980s that I can barely remember) set me off on 20 + years of bonzers with Mike. Nice.

    So cheers,
    Terry Hallmark

    1. Thanks Terry, taking our fellow travelers along the road of past, present and future surf trips is what we were hoping to achieve with the book. And to have seen the whole ‘Big Wednesday’ spectacle must’ve been mind-blowing there in Salvo!

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