The latest on Kevin Naughton and Craig Peterson, about putting together a series of surf travel books centered around their surf travels and adventures back in the 1970’s and 80’s searching for the perfect wave:

“We’ve been saying it to friends for years—“We’re putting together a book about our travels looking for the perfect wave!” Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, it may have taken us a decade or so traveling to all those places (our feet are still sore!), then a couple more decades to put the words and photos together into a book. At last, we’re actually doing it—the first book in the series is coming this Fall!

We’re packing the book full of never-before-seen photos plus the usual suspects. Kevin’s written some new stories to go along with the photos. And we’re including some of the tales from the SURFER Magazine articles, maps and charts we used on our travels, and revealing some behind-the-scenes details and personal archives.”

After ten-plus years of hardcore surf-travel-adventure, there’s a lot to show and tell. So we’ve chosen to cover the trips in three volumes:

We always wrote about the trips in a way that would make us laugh. If we were laughing, well, then it must be good enough to send to SURFER. We think (and we hope you do, too) that this series covers it all quite well. Enjoy! —KN & CP

To learn more about the series, click here.

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